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Hello Shirebrook, how are you all?
I left Shirebrook in 1966, - I was very adventurous I married and we lived in Pleasley for a while.
I moved later to Mansfield and from Mansfield to Barry in South Wales and from South Wales to Edinburgh Scotland.
All my family are now dead so I have no real ties with Shirebrook other than a few people I exchange cards with at Christmas -
Valerie Pain married Malcolm Green, Gillian Weaver who married Dave Clark and lives in Pleasley and Betty Booker married Brian Wilson.
I remember many of the peoples names I went to School with Model Village Infant School -
Then I went to Carter Lane School with Fannie Cockcroft what a sour face head teacher she was, then
I went to the Model Village School for girls - sounds quite posh and you don't realise until you are older and realise how little we were taught -
what a dump of a school it was when I was their in probably 1956 - 1960.
Mrs. White was handicraft teacher and Mrs. Orwin dressmaking teacher, there was a Miss Hope who taught Georgraphy and
Miss Ensor was the Head teacher. Some names I remember from school are: Pamela Rose, Carol Clark, Jean Skelding,
Carol Devine, Valerie Pain, Patm Dawkins, Pat Harrison, Betty Booker, Irene Griffiths, Gilliam Weaver, Ann Harrison,
Pamela Eaton, Carol Norwood , Carol Gregg, Wendy Hamson, their are others who I can't put a name to at the moment.
What memories I have of Shirebrook, I remember Masons the Coblers on the Main Street I think the next shop was Cabourns -
sweet shop and greengrocers, in fact I have the scales that Mrs.Cabourne used to weigh the sweets on small green ones with
brass circular tray for the weights and a brass scoop that they put the sweets in. I remember walking down from the
model with the ration book to get things from Cabourns. The best sweet shop by non was the Dorothy shop with the
Jars of sweets near the door with all the black jacks and fruit salads bubblies and barley sugar twists and for the grown ups
there was the lovely display of round sweet trays with carefully placed sweet displays. the smell was wonderful when you went into that shop.
Jenkinsons the Jewellers were towards the market - amazing how you forget street names as the years go by.
Its wonderful how the memories come back things like Uncle Dennis at the Matinee at the Empire, and the Central Hall for dancing,
Eddie Fisher I recall played trumpet he was excellent Enid Spencers husband (Enid was at the Post Office) played Piano - was he Roy?.
We had dance classes and did a dance called the Palais Glide - never seen it danced anywhere else.
Remember Charlie Fawkner with his fiddle. There was Simpsons Paper shop and you could get wonderful chips and meat pied from
Roberts chip shop. Palings fish bits were great on a mixed. God don't I just miss meat pies from Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire -
they fry them in Scotland. Old man Paling used to spit in the fat to see if was hot - no joking. Moons used to do lovely chocolate cakes.
There was Frenches fruit and flower shop next to Lathams chemist - opposite the Roxy - I know I am dodging about but my mind is doing overtime.
Palings Pork shop was heaven, wonderful pork pies, black pudding, chittlings, hodge, boiled meats, haslet the list is endless.
Happy times were spent in Shirebrook in my younger days. I have gone on and could go on much more
If anyone remembers me and wants to write please feel free. I was Judith Moore now Judy Ford.
I have one second cousin in Shirebrook Tony Moore. My dad was loco driver at Shirebrook pit and his mate was my cousin Jack Moore.

Keep smiling Shirebrook.


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